ArtParty, 2009

An art-performance at At Hanoi Future Art, by Nguyen Thu Ha, Nguyen Van Ho, Le Nguyen Manh, Ylva Landoff Lindberg, Radek Stypczynski.

"Beloved fellow artists and audience. We are the Art Party in everyone’s hearts and minds. Following are some of our words that we would like to announce.

In order to reach our goals the Party has set up some rules and regulations we expect you to follow. Take them to your heart as words from a wise loving father to his son. In that way the:

Spirit of Art will never die!

The highest level of truth is the Art and the Artist is its intermediary. That makes the Artist the pillar of society. To make our society even greater and we want you to:

Make Art greater and more beautiful!

To be able to keep the discipline and to have a clear, creative mind we recommend you not to produce more than one child, and only if you believe that your love for that child will improve your Art. The family is not an institution the Artist has to take part in:

All for the future of our Art!

The Artists ability of deliberate creativity makes her a pioneer compared to the average development in society. The great knowledge of everything can sometimes lead the Artist to feel worried and in doubt. In those cases an abnormal use of drugs and alcohol is totally accepted:

Yes we can!

This is a holy war. Those that are not with us are against us. Everything and everyone that stands in our way will be terminated. Traitors will be punished and heroes rewarded. United we stand, divided we fall:

Nothing is more valuable than the independent Artists and the free Art!"

Thanks to: Jes Brinch and Vu Thi Trang at Hanoi Futura Art